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One of my earliest memories is 'helping' my Mom roll out and make sugar cookies--despite her coatching to lay the cookie cutter down along the edge--I always went smackdab to the middle; her teaching me how to make egg nog from scratch; and always her love of finding new recipes with a proclaimation of "Oh! This sounds good!" Hmm... whatever that meant....and at some point I understood like she did.


All these years later, I have been a lot of things, but one thing that has always been a constant has been my love for cooking--especially baking. In the early days I'd wait until my Mom went to town and then eagerly search through one of her cookbooks to find a cookie or cake recipe so that I might surprise her. If it didn't turn-out right--no problem--I would pour the flop over our fence into the tall grass next to our neighbors field. Luckily for me most things turned out fine with only a few bumps along the way. The first cake I made became legend. I mistakenly thought the more I beat it the lighter it would be. My Dad drolly called that my "Ten Pound Cake". Those mistakes came less and less frequent and I was a pretty accomplished cook by the time I left home.


My cooking ability has led to some great opportunities--like going on a free weeklong ski trip since I was in charge of cooking for the group. It has led me to a rewarding career as a personal chef for both clients and a family--most with special dietary needs. A move from San Diego put my career on a different career path for several years. Moving back a couple of years ago, I resumed my personal chef business.


Cooking low sodium, low-fat, gluten-free is no longer a mystery, nor is vegetarian or vegan cooking. And at some point, frustrated at not finding the recipe I wanted--I began inventing my own recipes--learning, growing, and now sharing with all of you. Lastly, I am now offering cooking classes for those of you who live in San Diego's North County for those of you ages 8-80. 


It is my hope that my blog will be a place where you'll find the answers to your questions, enjoy preparing recipes I share and especially have fun along the way.


Thank you for stopping by!

- Cheri



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