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Black Bear Diner

Located at 2700 El Centro Road, Sacramento, CA



Have any of you been to a Black Bear Diner? If so, you know what to expect: Great home-style cooking at reasonable prices and decent service. They have a great reputation, but when one of them doesn’t live up to expectations—I want to make sure I let you know that!


My Honey and I went to Black Bear Diner on Saturday, January 2nd, kind of a late breakfast. We were seated reasonably quick, despite the fact that the restaurant was busy. Our waitress brought our glasses of water and took our orders promptly.


Then it was the big wait for our order. Finally my partner decided he’d go wash his hands, which works every time. The waitress brought our order a half minute after he’d left. His order included Chicken Fried Steak, 2 eggs, over-easy, hash browns and a pancake. He had to ask the waitress to exchange the red potatoes O’Brien for the hash browns he was supposed to have. His 2 eggs were over-done and browned around the edges, not to mention cold. His hash browns were barely browned and not at all crisp. The only thing on his plate that was done right was the Chicken Fried Steak. 


My order was for scrambled eggs, the red potatoes O’Brien, bacon and a pancake. My eggs were also overdone; my potatoes were just barely cooked and the peppers/onion were raw, like they got tossed into the potatoes at the last minute instead of grilled with them. My pancake was also cold. The bacon was the only thing on my plate that had been cooked the way it should have been. Our waitress brought both of us new pancakes that had just come off the grill, so that part was remedied. 


My opinion on the matter is if you can’t get breakfast right, you’ve got a problem. Sorry, but making breakfast should be one of the easier things to get right. All and all, a big disappointment. We have eaten at the Black Bear Diner in Grants Pass, Oregon and there is no comparison! Great service; delicious food and large serving sizes—-that’s what you should expect at Black Bear Diner’s. Don’t settle for less! 

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