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Bob's Red Mill GF 1-to-1 Flour

Bob’s has been my “go-to” flour substitute for all my gluten-free baking. There are a lot of recipes out there for mixing your own gluten free flour blends. It’s been a learning curve, but in my gluten free baking of the past 15 months, I have found Bob’s to be the most similar to regular flour, not to mention lending a good flavor. That’s a pretty tall order! 


It is always more convenient to find a 1-to-1 flour blend for use in gluten free baking. Yes, you can do an internet search for gluten free cakes or cookies, but I have discovered that you can also just substitute a good gluten-free flour in your regular cake and cookie recipes and they turn-out delicious! The only thing to remember is that often gluten free flours are drier than regular wheat flour, so you will need to add a form of extra liquid. Often an extra egg or 1/4 cup of liquid is needed to make the batter comparable to a wheat flour batter—even though it is a 1-to-1 GF flour. 


It should be noted here, that we are not talking about gluten free breads. Gluten free breads are a different issue because most breads are dependent on gluten for their texture and rising. I have had better luck blending my own gluten free flours for them. The go-to “flours” include: white rice, brown rice, corn, garbanzo bean and the starches: potato, arrowroot, etc. The best and often the only brand will also be Bob’s. This company leads the market and for good reason. 

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