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Yeong's Place


Located at 1120 Virginia Avenue, North Bend, Oregon


Looking for a great place to have a burger when visiting the Coos Bay/North Bend area of Oregon? Head to Yeong’s and you will not be disappointed. They have an extensive menu and a great list of specials. I have to be honest with you—-I never get further than their Bacon Guacamole Cheeseburger special for $7.95—-which includes a huge pile of fries and a large drink. 


The first thing you need to know when eating at Yeong’s is to get some napkins ready!! You’re going to be biting into a juicy delicious burger and that juice is going to be running down your hand. The toppings on their burgers is fresh. Fries are served hot with ketchup and Yeong’s Fry Sauce, which you need to try. We love to use half of each ourselves.


My Honey got their hot Pastrami and he enjoyed it, though it was a little diffrent presentation. The only minor complaint was that it got his fingers greasy since the bread had been grilled. The pastrami was tasty and lean, which is what you'd expect. 


I've also added a picture of my son Tim's waffle fries. Yeong's Place always offers regular fries, but you can also pay extra for the waffle or sweet potato fries too. 


One last note: If ever you have any room left after eating a burger, sandwich or salad at Yeong’s—-try one of their cones. Be warned though! These are no ordinary cones! They are towering with yummy soft serve ice cream. Better yet, try one of those when you're just in the mood for an ice cream cone—wow!

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